The Stage Door Performing Arts was established in 1994 and has maintained a consistent growth each year to become one of the most successful and popular schools in the Hills District, located in the north-western suburbs of Sydney.

Our Mission Statement: Developing positive personality traits, confidence, commitment, persistence and self discipline.
TSD offers an extensive timetable and wide variety of classes. Classes are conducted in a fun and dynamic manner, encouraging each student to develop their full potential and enhancing their skills by recognizing, promoting and training each individual’s strengths and talents.

The culture at TSD is positive, friendly and encouraging, catering to a range of interests and abilities. Exams are available in ballet, tap, jazz and Hip Hop and are a good gauge of a student’s achievement through a formal evaluation. They provide feedback to parents/ students and assist in the setting of future goals and objectives.

A weekly merit system is offered, both formal and informal, including stickers, awards and prizes. Yearly awards for outstanding effort, achievement, performance, improvement, consistency, attitude, attendance and encouragement are also awarded.

The Stage Door Espresso is operated by Campbell and Tania, and they, along with their four children, have lived and worked in the Hills area of Sydney for the past 28 years.

The Stage Door Espresso Café shares its name with our performing arts school, ”The Stage Door’. (Est 1994) Our culture is inclusive not exclusive, our products and services are developed to give our customers what they want

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