Ready Set Dance Tutu Dress


Introducing the READY SET DANCE tutu – the perfect ensemble for dancing fun! This delightful one-piece tutu dress is designed for easy wear, allowing little ones to pull it up effortlessly. For a complete and stylish look, pair it with the READY SET DANCE Crossover (available separately).

The tutu is available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10. For accurate sizing, refer to the additional pictures showcasing the size measurements. Get ready to dance and twirl in style with this adorable tutu!

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TUTU DRESS           BODY LENGTH                   CHEST WIDTH
Size 2                                34cm                                             22cm
Size 4                                38cm                                             24cm
Size 6                                39cm                                             26cm
Size 8                                40cm                                             27cm
Size 10                              43cm                                             28cm